The Unstoppable Power of the image

Photos have of course always been a part of Internet marketing, whether they are squarely set in the ad, set in a blog or an article or center of the landing page is a web page.

Current trends, including the increased popularity of such social media sites such as Pinterest, show that the use of images in online marketing is set to take an important role; they are no longer to be used as a simple props.


Pinterest describes itself as “visual discovery tool.” New users Pinterest are immediately told to “pin” visual bookmarks, link to the original site from which they came. Users can find the pin of just about anything on Pinterest, fascinating places, craft ideas, wine, art and more.

With more than 70 million users, Pinterest has spurred a marketing expert to look at the humble image in a new way – as a whole that can sink or swim before living and constantly growing audience.


Instagram is an app that about 100 million people use to send pictures of Thai curry they did just before dinner, the Machu Picchu walk they just finished, or their wonderful kitten playing in the snow.

Jamie Oliver, the acclaimed British chef, is followed by more than 400,000 Instagram users while Ben and Jerry is the possibility Instagram as an advertising tool, promoting his Scotchy Scotch Scotch taste it, to direct the audience of nearly 10 million users.

Buzz Feed

Buzz Feed attracts about 40 million viewers – and they are more viewers than readers – every month. This vibrant and often goofy site publishes news in their own way, using headlines like Please do not be like that kid and Dump someone with Instagram hashtag, let the pictures tell the story of every transaction with the text take a back seat.

Buzz Feed has established that there is a solid and growing market for short news where images are prominent.


Tumblr is increasing; in 2013 it saw growth of 74%. A hip site where art meets food meets photography and design meets hilarity, Tumblr opens arms to appear only posts, pictures and more, although traffic tends to be largely driven image-related content.

Businesses are using these social media sites (the 5 most popular one in America) to create a blog with visual information and appeal and enticing posts that get things often.


Facebook seems to have morphed into the creation space online and the place where the public all ages hang out, although it is obviously not to this power plant is to be ignored in the Internet marketing strategies.

Photos in the form of images, are the key to creating a successful entry on Facebook. Kiss Metrics tells us that a letter containing pictures account for 93% of the most popular posts on the site.

Internet marketing is about to get a lot of things right at the same time by increasingly focus on pairing up succinct, catchy text with images that get attention.

Whether the restaurant decides to pull back the curtain on how the signature dishes are prepared or her book publisher deals to show readers where and how the writer lives with images properly is now a staple Effective Internet Marketing.

How to Think About Money Right

There is no getting around the fact that money is something you will always have to deal with. Therefore it is important that you take the time to learn how to manage your finances, instead of allowing financial control you. This article will teach you some techniques that can help you manage your finances better.

If you’re a budget, it must be based on the reality in regards to revenue and expenditure needs. Be sure to include all income, such as alimony, child support, rental, or other. These figures should be based on net income, not gross. Once you have considered your income, you can set the amount of money you spend, so that it does not exceed the amount of money you have coming in. In order to succeed, you can never spend more than the total income.

Even though it will take some time, make a list of every expense you have. Try to make a detailed list to see where your money goes. You have to include everything, even if you do not spend money on it every month. Give yourself a little wiggle room for unexpected emergencies and repairs. Do not forget that you need to have fun sometimes! Be sure to put fun in your budget! Your goal should be to capture the depth understanding of your spending as possible.

When income and expenses have been established, you can begin to formulate a budget. Take a look at all the expenses and see where cuts can be made. You can create your own coffee instead of stopping at the expensive coffee on the way to work. You can always find places to make cuts to spending.

It is important, now more than ever, to save money where you can. A few small steps can easily lower the awful utility bills. You may want to consider getting a tankless water heater if you have an old one, where this water heaters only heat water just as you need it, instead of all day. Take a look at the water pipes in your home. If you find any that show signs of leakage, arrange for a plumber to do the repairs, so you can save money on the water bill. Only use the dishwasher when it is full, like to run this tool can be expensive.

Try to use only devices that have good energy settings. Devices with indicator lights that are always lit can waste a surprising amount of energy; Taking such equipment when they are not in use.

Heat loss through the ceiling and walls may be caused by ineffective insulation. Upgrades can fix these issues. Upgrade to your home as these pay the money back with lower utility bills.

All the money in replacing old devices and systems will be returned to you in savings. By following these ideas, you can save money and get more for your money! When you have bills under control, your life will naturally follow.

The benefits of a website for your business

The options are:

1: Prospective customers can find you: This is one of the most important reasons to have a business website. People are searching online for your services.

2: Prospective customers can learn more about you: People want to know more about the people they are considering hiring. For B2B services professionals, this is particularly important because even when you meet people in person, they will look up online to learn more about you. When people search for you online, they should find a professional website that provides information about you and your business.

3: You can move your credibility: If someone is considering hiring you, they want to know about you, your background and your experience. A good business website should contain the “About” page that provides this information and stories about your work.

4: greater opportunities for promoting your business portfolio:

People will not buy your products or services unless they know they really are. You can tell your potential audience much more through a website, but you could possibly do via any print advertisements, Yellow Pages listings, or TV advertising / radio. There are no restrictions as far as space, time, nationality and residence worry. You can say as many things as you want, as many as you want. And presentation of your business can be as resourceful as is the Internet itself.

5: Efficient low-cost advertising:

Your customers will always be able to get detailed up-to-date information on services or products. Instead of having to rely on randomly aired TV or radio commercials, they can simply browse through your website at any time.

6: Greater reachability of your company profile:

Business profile may be available anywhere in the world. No other advertising medium provides such global coverage. You do not have to rely on the phone book entry or limited yellow pages and newspaper campaign promotions, longer.

7: greater opportunities for promoting your business portfolio:

People will not buy your products or services unless they know they really are. You can tell your potential audience much more through a website, but you could possibly do via any print advertisements, Yellow Pages listings, or TV advertising / radio. There are no restrictions as far as space, time, nationality and residence worry. You can say as many things as you want, as many as you want. And presentation of your business can be as resourceful as is the Internet itself.

8: Far Cheaper and more flexible than Print Advertising

Internet is very different from print advertising in that space is cheap advertising is available for a longer time, content can be changed without having to ask someone to do it for you (if you use a content management system) and you can potentially reach a wider audience .

This is not to say that you should not use other forms of advertising of all you can use it to entice people to visit the website and find out about your company and potentially open two-way communication between potential customers and a sales person .

9: Add credibility

A website gives you the opportunity to tell potential customers what you are and why you deserve their trust and confidence. In fact, many people use the internet for pre-purchase research so that they can decide for themselves whether a particular supplier or brand is worthy of their patronage, and won t take them for a ride.

The Internet also allows for Viral Marketing where your website visitors spread positive word-of-mouth about your business – your customers do the marketing!

How To Earn on Internet

After a thorough investigation, several authentic and effective methods found where netizens can get money. Some of them are explained below.

Write articles / blog:

If you are good at writing and really like to write, you can start writing for money. People have gone as far as making written on the internet career with handsome returns. There are several ways in which writing can be used as a source of income. For example, it is up environment that allows users to post blogs and users are paid for the number of times their blog was viewed. Then there are sites where writers involved and they are instead paid to write blogs or article or even report, etc. It is, however, more inclined towards Ghostwriting, and you lose the right to have these blogs.

If it is not suitable, writers can then set up their own blogs and earn through Ad Sense, etc. Again, they will be paid based on the number of views. The main advantage is the writers will have the opportunity to write about a topic that they feel worthy or the causes they care about.

Take surveys:

This is one of the easiest ways to make money. About five to thirty minutes are spent to fill out the survey and instead people make the survey filled. Again, there is a plethora of sites giving people the opportunity to earn money through filling surveys. However, it is agreed by many that it is time consuming and also less lucrative than many online businesses.

Be photojournalist:

Many of us do not realize that we can get money by sending pictures. However, pictures should strictly be our and not stolen. Pages instead pay send photos taken on their sites. If someone is a professional or budding photographers, they sure look at the sites. Even if someone is not a professional, they can still get paid for taking and sending pictures. After all, everyone nowadays knows how to use the camera.

Be a graphic designer:

Of all the jobs and services, graphics and logo design is the most lucrative. Graphic designers are known to earn a handsome amount of money providing services. Obviously, every company that will be needed a logo or image to the design. Any older and established companies also need help with Graphic design, banners and logo design every now and then. Therefore, anyone who possesses this skill should not waste their time and start earning money online and thank me later.

How to have a Lifetime stability with money

Whether you like it or not, you contact the money will always be there. Because of this, you need to understand the financial life. This article describes advice for personal finance.

Expenditures and revenues should be used to plan out your budget. Begin by determining the aggregate amount of income to your family earn after taxes. It is essential that all types of income, no matter what the source. Be sure that the amount that you do not spend beyond how much you make each month.

Next step: you need to find out where you are spending money. Create a list including all the money you and your household spending. Be sure to include expenses that arise annually or quarterly. All car-related expenses, including maintenance, gas and tune-ups, should also be included. Remember to think about food expenses as well, including groceries and restaurants. Be very thorough with the list.

Once you have decided that the total amount of income and expenses, you can start setting up a budget. Look at the things that are no longer at the expense of your list. If you make a daily stop at the coffee shop on the commute to work, this is a luxury that must be completed. Instead, brew coffee at home. Scrutinize your eye for draw as many expenses as possible.

If you see the costs for utilities, you may be shocked by the price. Try to buy new, more energy efficient windows to help lower heating and cooling costs. A new tankless water heater could provide additional savings. You can lower water bill by searching and decide which leaks in the pipeline site. Reducing energy consumption by running the dishwasher only when it is full.

To save money in the long run, replace outdated equipment with energy-smart models. Another good energy saving tip is to avoid leaving electrical appliances on standby. With touch devices you will be saving money on electricity costs.

Be sure to use good quality insulation in floors, walls and ceilings to keep inclement weather out and comfortable temperature in. If you spend the money to do this, it will pay for itself in the long run.

The advice included is necessary to help you manage your income and how much you spend each month. In no time you will save money. Get rid of old equipment and get energy efficient ones instead. You will have better control of your finances by doing this.

Robust financial tips that would help you manage your finances and achieve financial freedom

Financial Wisdom that can help Anyone

When things are not going well economically, it is too easy to just try to ignore the problem. However, it does not ignore the money is part of everyday life. This article provides valuable information that will help you get the budget.

Create a budget based on all income and expenses. Estimate the total net income household per month. Included in this list should be all incomes, including wages, money from other jobs and rent received from investment assets, if they exist. You should not spend more than net income.

To build a good budget, the next step is to understand cash flow. Create an itemized list of expenses, from the regular monthly bills and groceries, to personal items and ‘fun money. “Have what your spouse have as well. It accounts are paid on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis, as well. Make sure your comprehensive and complete so that you have a reliable picture of your expenses.

Now that you know exactly where your money is coming in and going out, you can start making a new budget. First look into unnecessary expenses you can do without. Try to compare how much time and money it would take to bring coffee at home instead of stopping at a cafe. Not only are you saving money, but you save the time you used to spend standing in line or sitting at the drive through. If you have not tried a money saving idea yet, try it for a week. If it would seriously inconvenience you change, go to the next item. Find spending where you can easily make changes is a great first step.

Utility bills can mount quickly. If your seems to be too high for your use, consider making upgrades and repairs to your home. A lot of hot and cold air can escape through poorly insulated windows. Upgrade weatherizing treatment your windows can reduce heating and cooling expenses. If you replace the old hot water heater with energy-efficient model, you can save money on energy costs and lower power usage is Home. If the water bill is unusually high, check leaky pipes, and not run the dishwasher unless it is completely full. These changes will save a lot of money in the future.

You can save money over time with products that are energy efficient. To save more money, you should unplug something that has an indicator light or display panel. Anything you can do to save on energy usage will benefit your wallet as well as helping the planet.

Insulation and roofing are an important option to consider upgrading. It can be incredibly expensive to heat and cool your home if the roof and insulation are ineffective. If you spend a little money now, you will save some later.

By putting the information below in the implementation, you will be able to spend less and save more. Even though it can be expensive to upgrade your device, it will be worth it in the long run because it will reduce utility bills. By doing this, you will be able to keep a much better eye on the accounts.

Money And You: Happily Ever After

You can not deny the importance of money in your life, even if you are not a materialistic person. By learning how to handle your money, you can avoid the stress of financial mistakes. When you have read this article, you are sure to have a better grasp on how to manage their own finances.

Expenditures and revenues should be used to plan out your budget. You need to start by determining how much money a family takes home after taxes. Be sure that you are including all the possible ways that you get income, be it from employment, rental income or alimony. Understanding income and expenses will help you to truly evaluate whether you are spending too much. To be clear, if you are spending more than you bring in, you’re spending too much.

The next step is to total up your expenses. You should make a list of monthly expenses. This list should include every single dollar you spend. It is important to be done. Remember that eating out should consider the fees to the grocery bill. When it comes to auto expenses, be sure to include gas as well as insurance and maintenance costs. Try to find the monthly cost for the few costs. Be sure to include each and every expense, such as a babysitter, dog groomer, or even storage unit rental fee. The more detailed your list, the better you can budget.

When you are well aware of your cash flow, you can start making a budget that will work for you. What are you spending money that you may either reduce or avoid? Try to reduce some of the daily expenses, such as coffee. Look carefully at every expenditure to determine whether it is something you can do without.

If utility bills are high, it can you want to consider to have the tools and systems checked, fixed or replaced. Some damage to your home can cause utilities to be too high. You can save money on the water bill by only washing clothes when you have a full load or just run the dishwasher when it is full.

If you have an older device, replace them with new models that are more energy-efficient. While this can be expensive, you will save a ton of money in the long run. For those devices that you do not use often, take them between uses. As time goes on, you start to see a difference in your energy use.

There are many home improvement projects that can save you money in the long term. If you replace your roof or install additional insulation, you can save money on your electric bill.

After these secrets and tricks will give you the opportunity to save more money. Money saved can be used on home improvements or a variety of other things that can help you save money on utility bills. In this way you can lift the standard of living and also take more control of your finances.

Overcoming fears about online marketing

When I talk to therapists about marketing online, they usually fall into one of three groups. Group A is very excited about online marketing, and actively participate in it. They seek out information and are quick to adopt new policies. Group B is a baby-stepping in online marketing, but still have some hesitations. Finally, Group C are attracted by the possibilities, but feels like it can be overwhelming, or they worry about dual relationships, privacy issues and liability issues.

So let’s look at each of these groups better.

Group A – the people who are actively involved in online marketing. The risk that this group runs is that they are too quick to adopt methods without direction. I see this a lot when therapists number of online marketing in all or nothing shipping “This is the only way to do it.” or “SEO is bad.” or “SEO is all good.”

The piece that is missing here is the understanding that the Internet is just a tool, like a pen or paper or computer.

Group A also falls in the belief that they are better in internet marketing but they might actually be. The best way to measure marketing success is by how many calls you receive directly from your website every month. If you are not getting calls from the internet, marketing is not working. Period.

Group B – the group that will do more online marketing, but they do not know exactly how. This group, in fact, is poised to do well on the internet marketing, because they are looking for policy and technology. They want to understand what gives them the best return for their investment, and they are trying to have a balanced approach with regard to online marketing.

Group B could benefit from being a little more open to technology and by taking a more experimental attitude and curiosity.

Group C – the people who have significant concerns about online marketing. This group can, and likely will, build their activities without using the internet a lot, if they do at all. This is fine, but that group could serve by learning more about ways to use the Internet. However, to overcome their fears and get good information and assistance, rather than just sorting all net as fraught with danger and somehow unworkable.

How to Make Professional Looking Websites

Getting your website done? Do not ignore the basics.

Websites have been known to be a powerful marketing tool. In recent years, websites have evolved at a tremendous speed to convert in customer acquisition, retention and content marketing tool. This is a necessary condition to establish credibility for your business and help it grow. Providing reliability and credibility need professional image description of the online business. This is telling the world that you are “in” the business and not an amateur player in the field. No matter if you own a small business or big business, have a professional looking website is the key to promote your business and reach potential customers.

Why do you need a Professional Looking Website?

    To reach a wider audience
    To gain credibility for your business
    To keep your customers informed
    To allow round the clock access of goods and services globally.
    To help you save time and money

I wanted to deal with the basic and fundamental aspects of website. We, today, have so many choices and ways to do it we have almost lost why we started this. Lets jump live on what you have instead of wasting time on the current situation.

Top 5 major things to consider for your own website

    CMS based dynamic website
    Great and unique content
    Send a clear message
    Clean and working navigation / menu
    Big slogan button

CMS Based Dynamic Website

The search engine landscape has changed dramatically and so has SEO game. Days “keyword stuffing” and “keywords in your domain name” has actually gone. Fresh and relevant content is in demand and will always be from now on. You need fresh and unique content on your site all the time updated continuously. This can not be achieved without utilizing the Content Management System (CMS).

The CMS systems like WordPress, is so strong that it makes customization, improvement and incorporating features such as shopping carts, online payments, to name a few, in a moment. But wait, this may not be true for all CMS systems. Make an informed choice and select the CMS that suits your needs and your needs best.

Fresh and Unique Content

People search for products and services using various search engines. To get your website indexed and achieve great rankings in the top class search engines, it should have good original content. Updating the website with fresh and relevant content ensures faster indexing of the website and the long presence in higher search results.

Send a clear message

It is very important that your website conveys simple and straightforward messages about products and services to visitors. Give your customers good reasons to visit your site again and again, and who knows later it will help you find potential customers for your business.

Clean and operating Navigation / Menu

Keep the theme and layout of your website simple. Home should have buttons for various sites by clicking logo and website button on each page. It is better if you have a site map button on the website that allows visitors to see the bird’s eye view of your website.

Prominent and clear slogans

Last but not least, clear and effective call to action is a prerequisite for official professional website. The main purpose of this button is to ask visitors to do something, it can be anything from buying a product to download anything or ask any information that can bring you business. Slogan button should be designed with relevance to the topic and some kind of understanding which makes it useful for the visitors.

Maximizing return on marketing investment

The debate which is better offline or online marketing efforts have different reactions and schools of thought. Otherwise, the “old school” market firmly believe in offline efforts minimize the impact online. On the other, the “new school” market is the complete opposite; yet each of these two groups is right in his own way. Offline & Online Marketing are both unique in the way, both provide a positive return in the respective weight; even combined it is a lethal combination, if done correctly.

No one can deny the impact media (TV, Radio, OOH, Print … etc) campaign could have on footfall for electronics retailers, queries for real estate developers, the number of units sold in the FMCG, for example. (Except in some cases when they get it completely wrong – remember the cheese brand a couple of years ago that won advertising awards for creative messages and ZERO market?).

Building on the example of electronics retailers, let’s say they are promoting a specific LED TV; if you have seen the ad, you would be tempted to check it out online (reviews, features … etc.) – that is if you are living in the 21st century – imagine not find the information you want (directions , contact numbers, features, supply … etc.; & website) online for that particular vendor or product they are promoting. The next logical thing to do is to look at the competition, ie potential lost business.

This is where both integrated effort can lead to more effective, so as to maximize the returns on marketing efforts. Here’s how, but first let’s remind ourselves of the basics:

Website: Get your website or digital presence of any marketing materials, email signatures, brochures, leaflets, posters, business cards, outdoor, press and even on TV. Digital Your presence is alive 24/7 unlike in business. This will provide potential customers with another touch point to explore and know more about the product / service on their own free time. Besides, how much information can squeeze in fact 30 sec commercial?

Consistency: Another important and indispensable element of the basics. Your message, look & feel will be stable. Why do we feel “comfortable” with the brand we know and trust? Imagine going to a fast food restaurant and they do not have a consistent identity. Every store has a theme; Each theme has a different look and feel to it. One is to promote the value, the other is to promote health and wellness. It will be a mess. Online presence has also to be in line with the whole look and feel. It seems trivial, but you would be shocked at how this is not catered.

Format: One size does not fit all. Press advertising will not look pretty on the outside sign of the amount of text and information, it would also not look good in the online world due to land on your website means that you’ll give me more information than the tool you used to bring me here (site / shop … etc). Also In the 21st century, we have three types of screens. The BIG, which is referred to as television; The agent is also known as a computer / laptop, and small sized tablets and smart phones. What might look impressive on the big screen will not look like the small screen. Each vehicle needs to be addressed with the appropriate format, still with the same consistency of message, look and feel.

After checking the basics are right, let’s look at a few other hints and tips to maximize your marketing investment.

1. QR Code:

Much discussion is going on about the importance and effectiveness put QR codes in your marketing – if you are not familiar with QR codes, please see visit ( for further information – the question becomes: what have you got to lose? Try it, reserve a place for it in print ad or a poster and testing functionality. Just recently, a car brand started using QR codes, indeed all offline marketing efforts is pushing potential customers online, and have been using QR codes as one of the vehicles to direct traffic to their website … Try it out, we did and it worked.

2. Visibility:

Make sure that the product / service you are promoting is placed above the fold in the relevant landing page, with all the features and pictures. There is no point to direct traffic to your site, just to not-to find what you are promoting, or the hidden somewhere on the inner pages. Provide incentives to “buy now” always pays dividends. Be creative with your offers / incentives.

3. Paid Search:

Always use offline keywords (line sales, product names, … etc.) as part of the paid search strategy, to ensure that you are delivering consistent messages across platforms. Allocate more money to the keyword product / service you are promoting to ensure top placement and provide viewers with an additional touch point for interaction.

4. Social Media:

“Social” by definition (according is “to try and enjoy the companionship of others, friendly; sociable, gregarious.” This is exactly what brands need to do to communicate with his audience. Brands should not be saying how great or unique they are; but providing content related to both products and customers. This is very difficult to achieve, but not with the right partner. Finally, add a link to your site to monitor. One of the many advantages of Digital Marketing is measurement and ROI calculation.

It is never too late to begin to implement, or even tweak existing implementation. What is important is “Will”. The ‘Will’ to try things differently, exploring new possibilities and learn from mistakes. The above example of cheese brand is a typical case study of “Will” to try something different and learn from mistakes. Although the impact of the first efforts was a disaster, though, they want to try something new. They have done it again in the summer; but this time it was done correctly. They had always wanted to try something else, and they did by having a fully integrated campaign, with TV and Digital that spearheads. They have learned from their mistakes, and tried something new in the form of Digital Marketing.