How to Make Professional Looking Websites

Getting your website done? Do not ignore the basics.

Websites have been known to be a powerful marketing tool. In recent years, websites have evolved at a tremendous speed to convert in customer acquisition, retention and content marketing tool. This is a necessary condition to establish credibility for your business and help it grow. Providing reliability and credibility need professional image description of the online business. This is telling the world that you are “in” the business and not an amateur player in the field. No matter if you own a small business or big business, have a professional looking website is the key to promote your business and reach potential customers.

Why do you need a Professional Looking Website?

    To reach a wider audience
    To gain credibility for your business
    To keep your customers informed
    To allow round the clock access of goods and services globally.
    To help you save time and money

I wanted to deal with the basic and fundamental aspects of website. We, today, have so many choices and ways to do it we have almost lost why we started this. Lets jump live on what you have instead of wasting time on the current situation.

Top 5 major things to consider for your own website

    CMS based dynamic website
    Great and unique content
    Send a clear message
    Clean and working navigation / menu
    Big slogan button

CMS Based Dynamic Website

The search engine landscape has changed dramatically and so has SEO game. Days “keyword stuffing” and “keywords in your domain name” has actually gone. Fresh and relevant content is in demand and will always be from now on. You need fresh and unique content on your site all the time updated continuously. This can not be achieved without utilizing the Content Management System (CMS).

The CMS systems like WordPress, is so strong that it makes customization, improvement and incorporating features such as shopping carts, online payments, to name a few, in a moment. But wait, this may not be true for all CMS systems. Make an informed choice and select the CMS that suits your needs and your needs best.

Fresh and Unique Content

People search for products and services using various search engines. To get your website indexed and achieve great rankings in the top class search engines, it should have good original content. Updating the website with fresh and relevant content ensures faster indexing of the website and the long presence in higher search results.

Send a clear message

It is very important that your website conveys simple and straightforward messages about products and services to visitors. Give your customers good reasons to visit your site again and again, and who knows later it will help you find potential customers for your business.

Clean and operating Navigation / Menu

Keep the theme and layout of your website simple. Home should have buttons for various sites by clicking logo and website button on each page. It is better if you have a site map button on the website that allows visitors to see the bird’s eye view of your website.

Prominent and clear slogans

Last but not least, clear and effective call to action is a prerequisite for official professional website. The main purpose of this button is to ask visitors to do something, it can be anything from buying a product to download anything or ask any information that can bring you business. Slogan button should be designed with relevance to the topic and some kind of understanding which makes it useful for the visitors.

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