The Unstoppable Power of the image

Photos have of course always been a part of Internet marketing, whether they are squarely set in the ad, set in a blog or an article or center of the landing page is a web page.

Current trends, including the increased popularity of such social media sites such as Pinterest, show that the use of images in online marketing is set to take an important role; they are no longer to be used as a simple props.


Pinterest describes itself as “visual discovery tool.” New users Pinterest are immediately told to “pin” visual bookmarks, link to the original site from which they came. Users can find the pin of just about anything on Pinterest, fascinating places, craft ideas, wine, art and more.

With more than 70 million users, Pinterest has spurred a marketing expert to look at the humble image in a new way – as a whole that can sink or swim before living and constantly growing audience.


Instagram is an app that about 100 million people use to send pictures of Thai curry they did just before dinner, the Machu Picchu walk they just finished, or their wonderful kitten playing in the snow.

Jamie Oliver, the acclaimed British chef, is followed by more than 400,000 Instagram users while Ben and Jerry is the possibility Instagram as an advertising tool, promoting his Scotchy Scotch Scotch taste it, to direct the audience of nearly 10 million users.

Buzz Feed

Buzz Feed attracts about 40 million viewers – and they are more viewers than readers – every month. This vibrant and often goofy site publishes news in their own way, using headlines like Please do not be like that kid and Dump someone with Instagram hashtag, let the pictures tell the story of every transaction with the text take a back seat.

Buzz Feed has established that there is a solid and growing market for short news where images are prominent.


Tumblr is increasing; in 2013 it saw growth of 74%. A hip site where art meets food meets photography and design meets hilarity, Tumblr opens arms to appear only posts, pictures and more, although traffic tends to be largely driven image-related content.

Businesses are using these social media sites (the 5 most popular one in America) to create a blog with visual information and appeal and enticing posts that get things often.


Facebook seems to have morphed into the creation space online and the place where the public all ages hang out, although it is obviously not to this power plant is to be ignored in the Internet marketing strategies.

Photos in the form of images, are the key to creating a successful entry on Facebook. Kiss Metrics tells us that a letter containing pictures account for 93% of the most popular posts on the site.

Internet marketing is about to get a lot of things right at the same time by increasingly focus on pairing up succinct, catchy text with images that get attention.

Whether the restaurant decides to pull back the curtain on how the signature dishes are prepared or her book publisher deals to show readers where and how the writer lives with images properly is now a staple Effective Internet Marketing.

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